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On August 28, 2019, thegolden wind sent cool, spring and autumn harvest, in this season of harvest,kingho group ushered in the 22nd anniversary of the factory.On the day of the celebration ofthe factory, the company organized all employees to hold an autumn outing topromote the communication between colleagues, so that everyone can relax afterbusy work, feel the beauty of nature, improve the appeal of corporate culture,enhance the sense of team and the sense of collective honor of the company.

Zhongshan kinghochemical co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research anddevelopment, production and sales of adhesives.The company mainly has solvent - based two -component polyurethane adhesives, solvent - free polyurethane adhesives, thermalsealing coating adhesives and other products, widely used in the field of colorprinting packaging.Thecompany has been awarded "national high-tech enterprise" for 11consecutive years.



The company adheres tothe research and development concept of "green environmentalprotection", takes the market demand as the orientation, gives play to theadvantage of scientific and technological innovation, and continuously provideshigh-quality products to meet the market demand. The solvent-free polyurethanecomposite adhesive introduced in recent years has won the unanimous praise ofcustomers for its low smell, high smoothness and strong universality.With the core values ofintegrity, responsibility and innovation, the company has won the high trustand support of industry customers!

Located in the town of zhongshan city shazai chemicalindustry clusters of guangdong kingho new materials co., LTD., formalcompletion, construction area of more than forty thousand square meters, withan annual output of 50000 tons of scale, the use of advanced productiontechnology and construction pattern, fully automated production line device,intelligent control system, environmental protection, security, science will bebuilt, high efficiency, energy saving of adhesive, printing ink productionbase, for "and" brand ink adhesive and create beauty productdevelopment laid a solid foundation.



After creating numerousachievements and surprises, we have ushered in a new journey. I believe thatunder the correct leadership of general manager Chen zhiguo, we are guided bythe principle of "finding needs, tailoring;To meet the needs,personalized services;Super value fast, moving customers.""Businessphilosophy, always adhere to the" stability, continuous improvement,scientific management, excellence "quality policy and" give us theproblem, also give you a satisfactory answer!"The technical serviceconcept, carry forward" everyone is a talent, horses as horses, horses ashorse racing!The concept of talent, kingho group will have greater beyond,create more brilliant performance!

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